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Streamline Student Collaboration and Communication with Google Apps

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Using Google Apps makes it easy for students to collaborate, communicate, and co-create in a variety of ways. Join Lyn Hilt as she discusses ways in which students and teachers can use the free productivity suite of Google Apps so that they can collaborate from almost anywhere, whether at home or at school. In addition to showing how easy it is to create, share, and edit a document, Lyn will give examples of how students can utilize the features so that you can develop and nurture a collaborative learning environment.


Status: Available On-Demand
Subject: ICT
Last aired on: Saturday, October 8, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Credit Hours: 0.5
Categories: Communication & Collaboration, Google Intermediate
Tags: Collaboration, Communication, data analysis, data collection, Google Docs, Google Drive, teamwork

Reviews (51)

Full Member
So many great ideas to use in the classroom!
Full Member
Lyn, you are awesome! I love your webinars. I HOP away each time with so many takeaways. Thank you for your user friendly explanations and THANK YOU for the resource links you either as a Doc or on a Slide. I look forward to more of your webinars.
Full Member
Great webinar. Loved ideas. Will need to do more exploring like using Flippity.
Full Member
Excellent ideas.
Full Member
Loved all of it! Can't wait to try Flippity and also using Forms to embed video and post-video questions.
Full Member
Good info: I plan to check out I'm also interested in trying to create an interactive learning grid.
Several students have started sharing documents to me, I thought it was great! After this tutorial I feel more confident and knowledgeable of the tools and features that can be used. Thank you!
Full Member
I learned a lot from this course. I found the most useful part was learning about "tools", "add-ons" and
Full Member
The webinar was good in that it began to orient me to the specific parts of the student google drive (Sheets, forms...) that my students will find most useful.
Full Member
Very informative and useful, Excellent material that I wqill use! It's great for the students and parents.
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