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Backchannel - 10 Activities You Can Do With QR Codes

Shared by SimpleK12 Team

Many SimpleK12 Webinars have backchannels. A backchannel is a participant-driven, online discussion taking place simultaneously with a live event. In the backchannel, attendees take notes and discuss the webinar as it takes place.

This PDF is a snapshot of the backchannel and was taken immediately after the live webinar ended.

The on-demand webinar recording associated with this backchannel is located in the webinars area.
Resource Type: Backchannel
Subject: General
Grade Level: All
Contributor: SimpleK12 Team    ( 928 more contributions from this member )
Date Shared: Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Tags: back channel, webinar notes
Size: 92 KB
Downloads: 513
Reviews 5
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Silver Member
12 weeks ago
Love working with QR codes. Thank you.
Silver Member
16 weeks ago
Great list of ideas. Thanks!
Bronze Member
17 weeks ago
Thanks for the info!
Silver Member
62 weeks ago
Useful and clear information for using QR codes
Blue Member
106 weeks ago
Great notes from the QR Code webinar. Lot of useful information and activities that are easy to incorporate into class activities.
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