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Flipped Classroom Toolkit

Discover strategies, suggestions, tools, and apps for flipping your classroom.

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Would you like to have more class time for hands-on learning, one-to-one interaction, class projects, labs, or collaborative student activities? One way to achieve that is by flipping your class and letting students use technology outside of class to view videos, listen to lectures, take part in online discussions, or perform other out-of-class tasks to help understand the materials being covered – leaving you with more class time for engaging activities. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss various strategies for flipping your classroom, along with some of the tools that you and your students can use to achieve your goals and objectives.



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Nice! Thanks!
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Good Ideas although some were from 2013 and the presentation about Screenr which disappeared on December 2015.
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Really good ideas, and helpful tips, especially the suggestions for non-video "flipping."
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Great ideas!
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I'd love to be able to have more class time and do the flip classroom. We are a 1:1 school and students take their iPads home. I have actually tried several times but the issues that I came across is that our school web filter that we use to protect our students is not always compatible with their home systems. Our school block YouTube and for some reason students can't always use Khan Academy. I do use screencasting too but I would like to use what is already out there. It would be a time saver. Thanks for the great info though
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I think I learned quite a bit here. I wasn't sure which one would be most useful at first. I am looking to using and implementing Screencasting, which oddly was the last of the Flipped Toolkit I watched.
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We are starting to work with teachers in some Math classes that are trying to flip their classes. I will be sharing this information. Thanks
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This was a great overview and understanding of the flipped classroom.
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The best resources shown are when the resources is paired with a concrete classroom application. I was "told" next year that the district wants me to pilot a flipped classroom. Little training and no tools. Thank goodness for you guys.
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