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SimpleK12 Bunny Slippers (Medium)

So comfy, so iconic - every teacher needs a pair!

(71 available)

You do not currently have enough Bunny Bucks for SimpleK12 Bunny Slippers (Medium).


NOTE: Due to limited availability, members may only redeem for one pair each. However, there are other ways earn your bunny slippers! SimpleK12 Presenters and SimpleK12 Event Ambassadors receive bunny slippers. Stay on the lookout for other alternative ways to earn your pair!

Have you been looking for your very own pair of SimpleK12 blue bunny slippers? Look no further!

It goes without saying that these plush slippers are the perfect companion for snuggling in and watching a SimpleK12 webinar or entire Day of Learning. But that's not all they're good for! They're also great to slip on while you're sipping your morning coffee, grading papers, or heading out to a professional development event.

It's Professional Development in Your Pajamas or as we like to say, "PD in Your PJs." It's more than a pair of amazingly comfy footwear it's a way of life!

Medium Bunny Slippers recommended for US women's footwear sizes 5-9.


Full Member
I just ordered my bunny slippers!!! I can't wait for them to arrive!
Full Member
I love them!
Full Member
I just ordered my bunny slippers!!! So excited that they are in stock!!! Yea!!!
Basic Member
I want my bunny slippers. So cute!!!
Basic Member
Excited the bunny slippers are in stock to order...HURRAY!!! Looking forward to them coming in the mail.
Full Member
Does anyone have these who wears a size 5 shoe? do they fit, or are they large? The size medium is size 5-9, it seems a bit of a stretch to me and I don't want them flopping off of my feet.
Basic Member
I want these bunny slippers? When will they be available?
Basic Member
I am waiting to redeem my slippers. I will be glad when more are available. I have been waiting for this moment!
Basic Member
When will these be available? Can't wait to redeem my bunny bucks!
Full Member
I can't wait to get these medium bunny slippers. I love watching webinars with these cozy slippers during the winter break!! Keep checking every day!!! :p
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