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Reviews (58)

Full Member
I joined for two years at the discounted membership rate. However - I was notified that my membership was about to expire. I just tried to register for a webinar but was refused due to no full membership. Someone needs to repair the glitch!

On a positive note - I enjoy participating in the webinars. They have been very useful!
Full Member
Excellent!!! Very informative!!!
Full Member
I purchased the second year but my account expires in one year.
Full Member
I purchased the discounted membership and it added an additional year that I did not add. However, when I tried to activate my license, the instructions are very confusing. When I tried to add the Basic (free account) it told me I already had an account. I guess that was because I signed up for the free webinars presented today. Still confused and don't know exactly what to do.
Basic Member
I feel completely disappointed. I spent five hours Saturday and learned a lot, and needed this for PD points. It will not let me print my certificates or transcript without buying the membership.
So it was not free. If I spent the time with the class, I should have something to show for it. I feel scammed. My co teacher and i were so excited to print our stuff Monday. We were telling everyone how great this was, now we have to go back and say..'wait you have to pay 300 something dollars"
Full Member
I would like to add two years, but the webinar discount is not available. How can I get in on the deal and the free book included? Is this a penalty for me already being a member?
Basic Member
I bought a two year membership, the program says my membership key has been activated. but I don't have access to anything but the basic free stuff.
Full Member
I was introduced to this community but just recently got into the webinars. I am converting to Google Classroom and this has helped so much!
Basic Member
I also attended the webinars today and the price for 2 years was $277. However, I cannot get back to where I need to be to get the price. What should I do in order to get the membership for $277 for 2 years?
Basic Member
On a webnair that I saw this morning, membership was $177. I was actually considering it, I came online and the price was $357. Too bad, I will have to stay a free member. :(
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