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iPad Toolkit: Lesson Planning, Instruction, and Assessment

Strategies and apps to make lesson planning and assessment easier and more efficient with an iPad.

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Did you know that iPads can make lesson planning and assessment easier and more efficient? This toolkit contains webinars that discuss apps and tips for creating, organizing, and accessing lesson plans with an iPad, as well as how teachers can use iPads to get a better understanding of student learning. In addition to hearing suggestions for creating and managing lesson plans with an iPad, you will learn strategies for focusing on the objectives, rather than apps, in order to develop standards-based lessons. You will discover some creatively simple ways to use multiple apps in a lesson in order to reach all types of students, along with ways to differentiate your instruction using QR codes. You will also gain an understanding of how to use iPads to assess student comprehension, and if you are using one-to-one iPads, you will find it useful to hear an overview of iPad apps and online resources that can be used for assessing students on their iPads in a 1:1 classroom.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Bundles & Toolkits, Classroom Management


  • iPad Toolkit: Lesson Planning, Instruction, and Assessment
Lesson Planning with an iPad
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Designing iPad Lessons - Focus on the Objective, Not the App!
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Don't Be a One and Done: Creative Ways of Reaching All Students with Multiple Apps
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Assessing Student Learning with Tablets
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Free Assessment Tools for Classrooms Using One-To-One Technology
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Easy QR Code Projects to Differentiate and Energize Learning
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Reviews (11)

Really good information.
Full Member
Thanks for sharing.
Basic Member
This learning program provided a wealth of valuable information. Some webinars are definitely worth a revisit!
Full Member
Thanks for sharing.
Full Member
Thanks for the suggestions.
Full Member
Thanks for the info.
Full Member
Creative ways to assess students using iPads. I'm always looking for new ideas.
Overall, great course. Some courses were better than others (that always happens though). I still got some good stuff out of it.
Full Member
"Assessing Student Learning with iPads" gave some clever ideas on ways for students to use ScreenChomp and Voice Thread instead of just teachers.
Full Member
I watched "Free Assessment Tools for the One-to-One Classroom" and I thought it was very informative. I have experience with some of the apps, but I had never heard of Understood It or The Notepad. Both look like they would be very useful for formative assessment during a lesson. Plus, they would keep students more engaged. I know a teacher that uses NearPod and I can't wait to try using it.
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