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Digital Storytelling Toolkit for Elementary Grades

Digital storytelling tools, apps, and strategies to promote creativity, innovation, and literacy!

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While most elementary students enjoy listening to stories, digital storytelling goes a step further and provides a great way to promote creativity, innovation, and literacy in children as they create their own stories. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss digital storytelling tools, apps, and strategies to help even beginning writers share and publish their thoughts and ideas, while developing creativity and organization. You will learn how to use these tools to help student writers brainstorm, draft, compose, and publish their writing. Discover how your students can create digital works that include artwork, movies, pictures, and more. Learn how an interactive timeline can tell a story that promotes better understanding and comprehension, and find out how to create a “choose your own adventure” story with Google forms. Hear how your students can express themselves with talking pictures, as well as how their stories and artwork can come to life in a published book. If you are using mobile technologies, discover storytelling apps and examples of how to use iPads and other mobile devices to create and share digital stories, while enhancing communication and collaboration skills.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Bundles & Toolkits, Digital Storytelling, Reading & Writing


  • Digital Storytelling Toolkit for Elementary Grades
Use Digital Storytelling Tools to Enhance Writing and Engage Your Elementary Students
Learning to write at a young age is essential to later success, and providing engaging tools that allow your elementary students the opportunity to unleash their creativity while sharing and publishing their work can help sharpen their skills and foster a love of writing.more...
Foster Creativity and Innovation with Digital Storytelling
Most educators recognize the importance of helping students develop their creative and innovative abilities.more...
Tell an Interactive Story with Timelines
Timelines can be more than a line of dates - they can tell a story!more...
Combine Literacy and Technology Skills by Creating Your Own Adventure Stories
Are you looking for ways to promote literacy, creativity, and problem solving in your classroom?more...
Inspire Creativity and Presentation Skills with a New Kind of Puppet Show
Remember the good old days when all you needed was an old sock to create an easy (and cheap) puppet for your very own classroom theater?more...
Picture This: Grabbing Attention with Talking Pictures
Do you or your students need something new and different for presenting information?more...
Publishing Digital Books: Making Students' Work Come Alive
Have you ever wanted your students' stories and artwork to come to life in a published book?more...
Using Digital Storytelling on the iPad to Foster Key Skills
Would you like to help your students develop and enhance their creativity, information fluency, communication, and collaboration skills?more...
Stories on the Go: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices
Students enjoy listening to stories and creating their own stories.more...

Reviews (11)

Full Member
This was so awesome!
Full Member
Can't wait to finish this course! I am learning so much already.
Basic Member
These webinars are so informative. I appreciate all the ideas for apps, how to use them, and ways to get students more involved with technology.
Full Member
All of the webinars have their own unique approach, in addition, the presenters have their favorite devices, apps whatnot that they like to use.
Full Member
Great webinars! I found these to be very useful with lots of ideas for me to implement in me classroom. Thanks!
Basic Member
I appreciated the specific information regarding various digital storytelling sites (e.g. Story Bird & Little Bird Tales).
Basic Member
Ahhhh! I want to try these things now with my primary students. Thank you for the inspiration, lyn!
Basic Member
Great ideas!!
Basic Member
Thanks, Jerry! Lots of tools and great ideas!
Basic Member
I really enjoyed this introduction for use with elementary students. Storybird will be a great tool to use with the Kinder and 1st grade groups. I am looking forward to getting started.
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