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Reading Toolkit for Elementary Grades

Tools, resources, and strategies, to develop and strengthen reading skills in elementary students.

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Getting younger children excited about reading and helping struggling readers succeed can be crucial to their success in other subjects and in later grades. This toolkit contains webinars that discuss strategies, resources, and digital tools that will help energize the reading instruction of your elementary students. Whether you are encouraging proficient readers or helping struggling readers, this toolkit contains tools and suggestions that can help you motivate, strengthen, and engage your readers. In addition, you will discover how to improve literacy with tools such as comic book apps, as well as how to use historical fiction to encourage reading and bring American history to life. If you are using mobile technologies, you will find suggestions and tips for using mobile apps that get students excited about reading, support struggling readers, and that align to ELA common Core State Standards.


Subject: SimpleK12 Assignments
Categories: Bundles & Toolkits, Reading & Writing, Response to Intervention (RTI)


  • Reading Toolkit for Elementary Grades
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Reviews (7)

Full Member
I found some very useful apps for the classroom. I wish this were more focused/aimed at specific grade levels (many were too advanced for primary class). I definitely want to explore more tools for struggling readers in the primary grades.
Basic Member
This is a great series. Wonderful resources that I can implement immediately! Thank you!
The webinar about recognizing Dyslexia was especially useful.
Full Member
Great websites! Kerpoof closed, but it looked like such a great site! Thanks for the webinar!
Basic Member
All good webinars!!
Basic Member
This was by far the best webinar I have viewed! I am entering the phase we like to call "crunch time" for our state assessments. I got so many tips for resources, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Full Member
Thanks for a great set of webinars.
Basic Member
All these sessions have great ideas in them! Thank you
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